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What is Cauldron?

The Cauldron Protocol is an open-source smart contract for providing liquidity and trading CashTokens on the  Bitcoin Cash network. Cauldron operates as a non-custodial automated liquidity protocol, emphasizing openness, transparency, and user accessibility.

The Cauldron Protocol and the Cauldron Interface were developed by Riften Labs.

How do I use Cauldron?

You engage with Cauldron Dex for activities such as creating liquidity pools or swapping tokens by navigating to the Cauldron interface. A wallet is automatically generated when entering the app. Each transaction on the BCH network requires BCH for transaction fees. For a step-by-step guide, visit our Help Guides section.

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How Does Liquidity Provisioning Work on Cauldron Dex?

Liquidity provisioning on Cauldron Dex works through the creation of micro-pools. These are smaller liquidity pools that individuals can set up, allowing them to earn a yield from the liquidity they provide. When you create a micro-pool on Cauldron Dex, you earn 0.3% of all transactions that occur through your pool. Importantly, liquidity providers (LPs) retain full ownership of their liquidity pool and receive 100% of the liquidity provider fees paid by users when swapping tokens in that pool​ (This is currently a standard 0.3% per swap)

How does Cauldron Dex work?

Cauldron Dex utilizes the automated market maker (AMM) model. It consists of a series of smart contracts that standardize the processes for creating liquidity pools, and swapping CashTokens.

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