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Swap, provide liquidity
and earn on the #1 DEX
on the BCH network


Swap tokens on BCH using the World’s fastest swap contract

Seed liquidity

Pair your tokens with BCH and  provide liquidity to any trading pair


Provide liquidity and earn LP yield using micro-pools

Yield Farm

Create a micro-pool and earn 0.3% of all transactions made through your pool. LPs own 100% of their liquidity pool and earn 100% of the LP fee paid by users when swapping





Token Enchantment

The Enchantment table allows users to transform a fungible $SOCK token into a Non-Fungible Enchanted Sock

Golden Sock

15 BCH

$ 3,649.04

Wood Sock

15 BCH

$ 3,649.04

Rainbow Sock

15 BCH

$ 3,649.04

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